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Aaittafama' Archaeological Park History

Historical / Prehistoric Significance

In 1999, the Tennessee Department of Transportation archaeologists discovered evidence of a mid-15th century settlement along the banks of the Little Harpeth River in southwest Davidson County, Tennessee. Their archaeological survey revealed:

The archaeological testing revealed that the property contained intact evidence of a large prehistoric Indian town, although it was still unclear who lived here and why their story was important.

Ceramic duckhead effigy that originally sat on rim of a bowl found at Aaittafama' Archaeological Park. Side view on the left, top view on the right
Duckhead Side View Duckhead Top View
Reconstructed ceramic vessel found on floor of a burned house, just below the surface.
Reconstructed Ceramic Vessel

Park History

Native Peoples and the Cumberland River Valley

Archaeology of the Site

How The Site Got It's Name